Swiping a Chip Card is Like Giving Away Free Meals. Lots of Free Meals!

Aloha POS - Order and Pay at the table EMV solution eliminates charge-backs and turns your EMV investment into revenue.


Turn tables faster and sell more with Aloha POS - Order and Pay at the table mobile POS System.

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Tableside EMV Order and Payment Solutions

Aloha Pay & Order at the Table eliminates your EMV liability and creates better guest engagement and loyalty.

Use your existing Aloha POS and merchant account, Table-side mobile app and pay at the table EMV devices give your guests simplicity and security while paying.

Now with all guest transactions and feedback at your fingertips, our web apps and cloud solutions provide you with intelligent loyalty, CRM and marketing.

Here is How it Works!

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No more waiting for the check. Guests can split, tip and pay right from their smartphones. They are in. They are out. They are happy. You are happy.

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Transform the way staff runs the floor - more covers, faster table turns, more efficient service, satisfied customers, fewer mistakes, and higher tips!

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Connect the disconnected parts of your business. Pinpoint what actions to take to increase repeat visits, improve service, and make more money.

Mobile App for Aloha POS Pay at the tabl


Complete and Integrated Solution for Guest Engagement

Smartphone App

  • Secure way to pay

  • Turn tables faster

  • Minimize training

  • Go live within hours

  • Collect reviews and feedback on the spot

  • White labeling available for restaurant chain

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Tableside EMV

  • Eliminate chargebacks

  • EMV Certified

  • Go live within hours

  • Tableside order entry

  • Split checks

  • Process payment securely

  • Print, text, email receipts

  • Collect reviews and feedback on every check

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  • Reward your guests with a point based or visit based system

  • Flexible bonus points (time of day, day of week)

  • Fully integrated into your POS and smartphone app

  • Generate repeat business

  • Increase market share and revenue

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  • Complete Guest CRM solution

  • Run email and SMS campaigns with detail reporting

  • Segment your guest by any number factors such as visits, average check size, items orders, etc.