Apparel POS System

POS Highway offers customized Counterpoint retail POS system to fit your retail clothing and fashion boutique business.

Maintain optimum inventory levels, control your costs, minimize stock out, and maximize profitability.

How Counterpoint POS Can Transform Your
Apparel Business

When you are running a apparel business, you need to know your inventory stock status by color, size and always be able to quickly and accurately process your sales. That is  why clothing and boutique shop owners of all sizes choose NCR Counterpoint POS software. Counterpoint POS and inventory software offers up to three dimensional matrix track your inventory by colors, sizes, styles, seasons and more.


With real-time reporting you can view sales data anywhere, any time, and with our barcode scanning technology, inventory tracking on iOS devices has never been easier.

Print tags by color, sizes matrix, price your products by color, sizes or by store locations, manage your employees hours with our time clock functionality and your apparel stores will truly be streamlined with Counterpoint Retail System. 

“"NCR CounterPoint is the only company in the marketplace offering out-of-the-box POS software that enables you to track real-time sales and analyze how items are moving at each stores.”
Mike Spitzer 
IT Manager
Bohme Boutique

Everything You Need to Run Your Apparel Business

Let us show you why NCR Counterpont is more than just a POS. It is a complete retail management system grows with your clothing and boutique business. Counterpoint POS allows you to incorporate features as you need them.

Your staff can quickly process sales, validated returns, split payments, orders and layaways, even on a single transaction.


Utilize purchase advice report to automate reorder processing. Adjust reorder points and restock levels to make sure you never have too much or too little stock.


Never lose a sale because your point of sale is down. Continue to sell from your point of sale terminal, Counterpoint will synchronize your sales and inventory data when your server is back online.

Counterpoint Mobile POS helps you sell anywhere. Connect with customers on the go - line bust, sidewalk sale and check inventory on the fly.


Generate brand awareness and create repeat business with your own loyalty program. Counterpoint loyalty is easy to set up, customizable and easy for your customers to sign up.


Start a successful online business with minimum investment. Manage everything from a central database so you can quickly add products, fulfil orders and market your business to the world.


Real time inventory data reduces overstock or out of stock conditions. Manage physical counts, and transfer inventory to multiple store locations.


Speed up checkout - fast 2-3 seconds credit card authorization. Counterpoint is EMV ready and it is compatible with leading merchant service providers so do not have to change your processor.


Generate financial statements daily. Counterpoint interfaces to most popular accounting packages including QuickBooks, MAS 90, Great Plains, Xero and more.

Best Apparel and Fashion Boutique Point of Sale System

With comprehensive retail POS features and solutions, NCR Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways - even on a single ticket.


With a configurable touchscreen interface, you can tailor Counterpoint  retail software and POS hardware to fit your clothing and  apparel business.  Scan three dimensional barcodes for fast checkouts, streamline operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits. 


Multiple levels of security, EMV and PCI DSS compliance make our retail POS system the most secure environment for your data. 


Support for fingerprint readers and user ID cards let your employees log in without having to remember their passwords, while user-specific security settings let you control who is allowed to access sensitive functions.

counterpoint touch-screen pos system

Sell Your Best Products

Apparel Point of Sale System

It’s a breeze to add, edit and remove products in Counterpoint, including images, prices, and variations by color and size. Counterpoint promotional pricing tools and stock management makes it easy to sell more of your best products.

With a single synchronized inventory database across brick and mortar and online store, you will never oversell again and you will always know exactly when to reorder.


Sales made at your stores reduce the quantity of goods offered online. 


You don’t need to maintain multiple inventory databases and you won’t disappoint your customers by offering out-of-stock items. With an integrated solution, your item quantity information is always up-to-date. 


Easily fulfill orders and bring all your business operations into one account, with a global view.

Stay Ahead of Comptetion With Advanced Purchasing 

Purchasing and receiving go hand in hand with inventory management. To get the most out of your inventory investment, your purchases need to be timely, cost-effective, and designed to ensure that you have enough inventory to meet demand, while avoiding overstock or stockouts.


NCR Counterpoint includes numerous features that make purchasing and receiving as convenient and hassle-free as possible, from the ability to create and track basic purchase orders to advanced functionality like purchasing advice and forecast-driven replenishment that automate the purchasing process.

Counterpoint’s Purchasing module allows you to:


  • Add new products in bulk from Excel worksheets

  • Manage your vendors and vendor items

  • Identify the lowest-cost vendor for each item

  • Purchase and receive merchandise on demand

  • Allocate purchases across stocking locations

  • Track sales trends and forecast seasonal demand

  • Dynamically set min/max stocking levels

  • Order the correct quantities to meet demand, replenish sold stock, or ensure a certain number of days of supply

Counterpoint Inventory Managment and Purchasing Software
retail bardcoding and pos system
counterpoint inventory baccode software

Increases Efficiency with Barcode Labels, Tags and Jewelry Labels 

Barcoding your products will speed up sales process during check out and will scan product price accurately. 


Counterpoint includes a variety of pre-defined label formats - including one-up, two-up (split), butterfly, and hangtag labels—that are compatible with popular label printers from Cognitive Solutions, Eltron, and Datamax. Counterpoint also supports standard Avery labels for use with any inkjet or laser printer.

Manage Your Inventory on the Go

Manage your inventory right from your hand as NCR Counterpoint Mobile lets you perform physical counts, adjustments and receive with or without a PO.


NCR Counterpoint Mobile gives you instant inventory visibility letting you check prices, availability, and quantities across all of your stores. Count your inventory with your iOS devices and export counts to NCR Counterpoint.

mobile pos and inventory system

Sell Anywhere with Mobile POS

CP Mobile POS POS Highway

iPad or iPhone Mobile POS solutions allow you to complete an entire sales ticket, from start to finish. Scan items, take payments, and print or e-mail the receipt. Put sales on hold and recall them later. Take returns, place orders, and apply discounts.


With NCR Counterpoint’s mobile POS hardware, it’s like having an entire point of sale terminal in the palm of your hand. Counterpoint Mobile POS benefits:


  • Sell anywhere with mobile POS capabilities

  • Scan item barcodes, check inventory availability

  • Swipe credit cards with NCR Hardware

  • Offer secure, fast payment processing wherever your customers are

  • Conduct physical inventory counts on the spot

  • Counterpoint integration to update inventory in real-time

  • View recent customer purchases

  • Share devices across stores

  • Build customer database for email marketing

  • Leverage flexible subscription pricing to meet seasonal sales demand

Counterpoint is
Easy to Setup and
Powerful to Use

Counterpoint Retail POS is easy to set up. Counterpoint works with a wide range of POS hardware and we can help you get started with tutorials, videos and a range of support options. 


Sign in to your secured cloud POS, work from anywhere on any device. Otherwise we can install your POS system on your computers and servers.

Our proven processes and industry experts also ensure that you get data migration support and a high quality solution that is easier to use and less costly to maintain over time. 

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