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iTab Bar POS software helps owners increase profit, enables staff to provide top-notch service that delights customers and ensures your business always remains ahead of the curve.

Discover Why 1000s Of Bars and Restaurants Choose iTab POS

Achieve hottest bar or nightclub status in your city. Provide exceptional service - iTab bar POS system integrates seamlessly into that experience.

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Run Your Bar and Nightclub with Speed & Efficiency

iTab POS gives you and your staff unparalleled ease-of-use, customizability, and manager-focused time-saving features.

Easy Menu Management for Daily Drink Specials & Happy Hours

iTab POS system is easy to use, designed to handle volume whether you are running a small or a large bar or a night club.


Serve more customers in less time with bar tabs. iTab also makes it easy to customize every type of drink combination your guests can desire.

Drink specials, happy hour specials, pitcher specials - flexible menu management with unlimited modifiers and customization is the key to your success.


It should not be too difficult to enter a mojito with vodka instead of rum and basil instead of mint.


Make More Tips with Quick Order Entry

Speedy Order Entry and Bar Tabs

Your bartenders will blaze through orders and transactions. Start up bar tabs by inserting the customer’s credit card.


Our sleek and flexible countertop POS system is built to handle a crowded bar and keep the drinks flowing.


The POS system will practically pay for itself since your customers can buy more drinks per hour rather than waiting in line.

Utilize an iPad Customer Display System to provide increased transparency, accept on-screen signatures, and let your customers enter tips or choose from preset tip options.

Preparing Cocktails

Easily Split and Transfer Checks

Transferring and Splitting Checks is Easy

When a group of friends are having a great time, who is going to pay the bill is the last thing on their minds. For bartenders this could be a grating request when customers ask for split checks or transfer checks from bar to tables.

iTab POS makes this process fast and easy allowing your servers and bartenders to split checks by items or evenly to as many checks as they need. In addition, transferring check from bar to table requires just a couple of touches to complete.


Pre-Authorization of Credit Cards

Pre-Authorize Credit Cards Faster with EMV Card Readers

Swipe customer credit card once, securely save information on their bar tab and verify that the card has pre-configured amount of funds to cover check.


iTab nightclub and bar POS software with pre-authorization will immediately tokenize and encrypt customer credit card data when it is swiped, so no sensitive information is stored on the POS system.


Because iTab requires only one tap for pre-authorization, your bartenders and servers can speed up service, spending less time on the point of sale system and more time making those special drinks your customers are willing to pay more.


Sell More with Mobile Point of Sale 

Serve More Customers and Grow Sales

Equip your servers with a mobile POS terminal so they can take orders and payments from wherever their feet are planted. 

Your servers can quickly and effortlessly take orders, process payments and complete transactions while interacting with their guests.


Customers can tip, sign and request digital, text or email receipt right on the tablet POS.


Serve more customers in less time and provide VIP bottle service to your most valued customers.


Bar and Liquor Inventory Control

Monitor Inventory Level and Cost Control

Keep track of over-pouring to eliminate free drinks and lost profits. Track all your drink recipes in your point of sale.


Liquor costs in the bar industry is typically 18-20% of total liquor sales. The more you can optimize your liquor cost, the more money your business will make. 

With iTab real-time inventory software, you can track your inventory, suppliers, units, and prices on iTab Cloud Back House App, so you know what to reorder and when to order without having to spend late hours updating a spreadsheet.

iPad POS

Secure Your Business and Your Profits

Surveillance System

Keep an eye on your bar operations from anywhere with our integrated surveillance system provided by NestCam©.


In conjunction with our inventory tracking, this solution will ensure you can thoroughly investigate any instance of shrinkage or theft.


Make Informed Business Decision

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud iPad Back Office system gives you access to the right data, smart dashboards and reports you need to make an educated decision, every time — from customers to staff to inventory.


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