1000+ System Features

Offline Mode

Offline Mode enables your business to continue operating in the event your internet or network goes down via a local server and wireless access point.


Credit Card Transactions

Credit card transactions can still be run as normal and the data is cached and encrypted. When your network connection is restored, the system will process the transactions for authorization.


Order Sync

Orders (or tickets) are synced between all devices, allowing your servers/waiters to see which tables are available or occupied at all times.


Systems Features

Multiple Languages -

Multiple Currencies Supported

Multiple Language

iTab POS is a one of a kind system that supports over 30 languages. Supported languages include English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Javanese, and so much more! We can easily customize the system to add language packages if you need to.

Multiple Currencies

In addition to multiple languages, iTab POS supports ALL major currencies as well. This is perfect if you run restaurants internationally.

Receipts & Tickets

Our system can print customer receipts in one language and order tickets to the kitchen in another. As an example, this could be useful for ethnic restaurants often have kitchen staff who speak a language different from the local clientele.

multi-language-currency ipad pos.png

EMV Chip Cards - Mobile Pay Ready

EMV Ready

Our POS system is fully compatible with several EMV-ready payment processing terminals and readers. Whether you want a reader attached to your iPad or a standalone terminal, we have just what you need!


Mobile Pay


Mobile Pay enables your customers to pay securely with their mobile phone or smartwatch with Android Pay and Apple Pay.


Minimize Liability


Since the liability shift regarding fradulent credit card activity now falls on the merchant, it’s imperative to utilize EMV technology for your business.

emv-chip-payments ready ipad pos.png

WiFi Data Collection

WiFi Data Capture

Turn your WiFi network into a marketing tool. When customer’s connect to your WiFi network, they will be prompted to enter their basic user data or connect via social media, which you can analyze and use for marketing and feedback gathering.


Customize Splash Screen


Customize your WiFi login/splash screen with your logo, colors, and a message to promote your brand. Users must enter their information in order to access your WiFi network.


Marketing Applications


Build customer loyalty, encourage more visits and gain reviews with WiFi marketing. Enroll your customers into email marketing campaigns with our integrated MailChimp app.


Nest Camera and Security

Nest Security System

The Nest HD Cam surveillance system is the top rated security system available today. We integrated the Nest Camera with iTab POS and keep an eye on your restaurant 24/7 from anywhere! Plus it works in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Nest Mobile Security App


It even comes with its very own mobile app that lets you check the camera feed and will send you notifications for concerning events. You can even designate “activity zones” for the camera to monitor a particular area more closely.

Data Retention

The camera feed runs continuously for 24 hours a day 7 days a week and uploads the video to the cloud. To learn more about the Nest Cam features, visit their website today.