Coffee Shop Point of Sale

Built exclusively for Cafe and Coffee Shops to increase profits and efficiency.


You take pride in serving your customers every morning with smile. We take pride in serving you 24x7 with joy.

Simplify Your Coffee Shop Operations and Delight Customers

Keep your busy morning rush moving with iTab POS fast checkout. Streamline your day to day operations from morning prep to inventory management. Incentivize your regulars with loyalty rewards to keep coming back for more. Deep dive into every part of your coffee shop. Access your cloud dashboard to make smart business decisions. 


We have designed iTab POS to help you create an exceptional customer experience in your coffee shop. Watch a 3-minute video demo of our easy to use point of sale functionality for your coffee shop, bakery, tea and ice cream shop.

Ramp up Profits and Simplify Daily Grind

iTab POS is loaded with a ton of smart features to help your staff generate more revenue.

Increase Average Check


Upsell more profitable items with visual menu design; increase average check with automatic modifier prompts.

Drive Repeat Business

Increase your sales and grow your brand awareness with built-in gift and loyalty programs.

The house accounts feature helps to manage your “VIP” clients by retaining their credit card on file along with their personal preferences.


Take More Order, Faster

Customize your intuitive iTab POS menu category, sub-category and modifiers for optimum performance, then begin speeding through orders without leaving the floor.


Track which Coffee Roasts are Selling

Learn Which Ingredients are Driving the Most Revenue

Track your inventory, down to the ingredient-level. Not only does this help you with knowing what to restock, but also the inventory costs.


Extra shot of espresso with soy milk? No matter how complicated the order, our flexible modifier system allows you to program your menu with unlimited drink add-ons and modifiers.

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Enter Orders & Payments Quickly - Make More Tips

Enter Orders Quickly

Blaze through orders and transactions with finesse. Our sleek and flexible counter-top POS system is built to handle the lunch or dinner rush.

Servers can swipe and tap to add items and send orders to the kitchen instantly, all without leaving the floor.

Generate More Tips With iPad Customer Display

Utilize an iPad Customer Display System to provide increased transparency, accept on-screen signatures, and let your customers enter tips or choose from preset tip options.


Let Baristas Stay Organized with Kitchen Display Systems

Improve Order Time

Keep your orders organized with an integrated kitchen display system! A KDS helps baristas reduce order time and improve customer satisfaction.

Instant Update

Tickets appear instantly when sent from the POS with a loud, audible ding. Any last minute changes are updated instantaneously.

Color Coding

Whole individual tickets are color-coded based on how long they’ve been open. This makes managing the kitchen far easier for the baristas.

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Process EMV Payments Faster

Faster Payment Processing

Don’t keep customers waiting forever to get their receipt. Take cash, credit, or debit card and authorize transactions at lightning speed. Send their receipt via SMS text or email straight from the POS.

Our POS system is fully compatible with several EMV-ready payment processing terminals and readers. Whether you want a reader attached to your iPad or a standalone terminal, we have just what you need!

Equip your servers with a mobile payment processing terminal so they can take payments from wherever their feet are planted. 


Make Informed Business Decision

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud iPad Back Office system gives you access to the right data, smart dashboards and reports you need to make an educated decision, every time — from customers to staff to inventory.


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