Integrating Counterpoint Data to Most Popular Accounting Software Saves Time, Increases Accuracy and Reduces Overhead Costs!

NCR Counterpoint integrates seamlessly with a variety of accounting packages, including QuickBooks, Great Plains, Business Works and MAS 100 ERP


You can voucher received PO’s into Accounts Payable (A/P) and interface distributions to General Ledger (G/L). In addition, utilities are provided to voucher receivings and export distributions for use by other third-party Accounts Payable and General Ledger products, such as Solomon IV, MIP, ACCPAC, and The Financial Edge.


General Ledger


NCR Counterpoint account numbers are mapped to corresponding G/L account numbers. Mapping rules can be set up that pertain

to all accounts, or on a one-to-one basis. G/L account numbers may be up to 50 characters and may be segmented.


The Distribution Report may be printed in order by account number or by posting source (distribution type or module). A summary version is available, or the detailed version may be printed in order to provide a complete audit trail back to the individual posting journals and document numbers that originally created the distribution. Distribution activity can be transferred automatically into G/L in summary or detail format, providing a complete audit trail from G/L.


Accounts Payable


An Accounts Payable package must be used to track payables and issue checks outside of NCR Counterpoint. NCR Counterpoint vendors may be set up automatically from existing A/P vendors or created manually in NCR Counterpoint. Return to Vendor (RTV) transactions may also be vouchered into A/P and appear as vendor credits.


Importing and Exporting Data


Easily import G/L account numbers into NCR Counterpoint and add or update vendors from A/P to NCR Counterpoint or from NCR Counterpoint to A/P.