Retail Solutions Advanced Features

Counterpoint gives you access to additional features that enhance the Base System. Advanced features may be added with the Base System, or later as your business needs change.

Serialized Inventory Tracking

The Serial Numbers Option adds comprehensive serial-number tracking to NCR Counterpoint, allowing merchants who sell big-ticket items, maintain product warranties, or deal in regulated commodities to keep a detailed history of activity for each serialized item.


Serialized inventory tracking is commonly used by gun shop, electronics, games, appliances and highen jewelry stores. 

Accounts Receivable

The Receivables Option adds comprehensive Accounts Receivable customer support to NCR Counterpoint, allowing you to process A/R charge sales, invoicing, track receivables, record payment receipts, assess finance charges, age customer accounts, and email or print customer statements.

With the Receivables Option, you can offer customers “open-item” type A/R charge accounts and Customer Payment Terms.

Accounts Receivable Software for Retail Business
POS System for Retail - Counterpoint Sof

Offline Ticket Entry

The Offline Ticket Entry provides point of sale redundancy and ensures fault tolerance so clerks can continue to ring up sales if the connection to the Counterpoint server is lost.


Offline Ticket Entry is useful during network outages, sidewalk sales, scheduled server maintenance, or for any situation in which the server is unavailable. Offline mode may be used as the normal mode of operation for "sometimes-connected" workstations such as portable workstations or kiosks.

EMV Chip Card Readers

Processing payment transactions is a critical part of your business. NCR Counterpoint’s integrated payment authorization and settlement features make processing those transactions quick and secure, reducing your risk, along with your checkout times.

Regardless of which processor you use, Counterpoint provides you with an integrated solution for processing credit cards, debit cards, and other EDC transactions that offers the following benefits:


  • Rapid, automatic payment authorizations

  • Faster checkout times

  • Reduced customer frustration

  • Fewer errors and fewer charge-backs

Multi Locations Store


Multi-Site is an integral part of any business that has more than one store.


Multi-Site enables a CounterPoint Hub (the main office) and one or more Remotes (other stores) to operate independently during the day and periodically exchange information.


Each site may "subscribe" to a user-defined set of data (a "work set") so that it receives just the inventory, store, and customer information that it needs.


Information is exchanged (replicated) through WAN, or Internet connection. Replication can be scheduled to take place periodically during the day or as an overnight process.

Advanced Price Management

With the Advanced Pricing Option, you can use location-specific and cell-specific pricing, as well as custom SQL stored procedures for price calculations.

Location-specific pricing allows you to assign different price levels and price rules to each of your store locations. For example, you could charge higher prices at your downtown store than you do at your other stores.

With cell-specific pricing, you can assign a different price to each color/size combination that is defined for each of your gridded items.


You can also define price rules for specific grid dimensions, allowing you to apply surcharges (i.e., oversize pricing) or discounts based on color or size. For example, you could charge $5 more for XXL shirts or 15% less for plaid golf wear.

Gift Registry

The feature gives retailers the tools to create and manage wish lists and gift registries in CounterPoint.


Customers will be able request and purchase gifts for occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc.


This feature enables you to offer a valuable and commonly-used service to your customers while driving traffic to your store.

Electronic Data Interchange Utility

One of the advantages of the SQL Server database platform is that CounterPoint SQL data can be easily exported into other applications or imported from external sources.

NCR Counterpoint includes a set of advanced Data Interchange utilities at no extra charge that facilitate the transfer of data between CounterPoint and third-party applications.


Data Migration Utility


The Data Migration utility allows you to convert data from virtually any source into NCR Counterpoint.


Database Import


Use the Database Import utility to import data from any .CSV file directly into a table in the Counterpoint database in order to create new records, update existing records, or both.


Database Export


Use the Database Export utility to export data from any NCR Counterpoint table to a .CSV file, for use in virtually any third-party application. You can specify the fields in the source table you want to export or create an SQL query to select the fields to export.