Manage One or Several Stores

All from one comprehensive, cloud based Platform 

Inventory Management & Recipe Control

For many businesses, inventory is their biggest expense. Small businesses don’t have money to waste, so they can’t tie it up in idle inventory. Use iTab inventory system to help you order just enough products so you won’t have a shortage or overstock.


Lean inventory management means ‘trimming the fat’ and keeping a fluid supply chain in place. iTab inventory control is the framework that allows you to reduce cost, eliminate errors and increase profitability.

Small Business iPad POS

Inventory Control


The best does get better! iTab not only offers a robust inventory platform that you can truly depend on but we are giving it to our customers for FREE.


Our inventory system holds over 500 thousand barcode SKU’s. Import existing codes or create your own. Track items using UPC on your iPad and Virtual Office.

Barcode Scanner

Integrated Bluetooth scanner allows you to quickly look up or ring up items.

Bulk Adjustments

Modify price and quantity data or add thousands of inventory items at a time.

Receive Inventory

Add data to your existing inventory list without replacing data.

Built To Perform

Spend less time on tedious inventory management and more time creating valuable customer relationships.

Buying Power

Know which items are your best sellers and which items are not selling so that you are able to make more informed decisions.

Re-Order Notifications

Always know exactly when stock levels are running low and it is time to place re-orders with low inventory alerts.


View inventory levels, transfer data and run reports for one or several location.

Manage Anywhere

Don’t be tied to your office. View inventory levels, manage quantities or prices from anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

Small Business iPad POS

Raw Goods / Recipe Creation

Improve Efficiency

Inventory control is the most important factor in increasing your bottom line. iTab’s advanced technology lets you track inventory items that create finished menu items.

Keep It Simple

By linking your raw goods to modifiers, our POS system, simply tracks units subtracted when an item is ordered.

No need to complicate placing an order or make you choose between modifiers or tracking of raw goods. With iTab, you get the best of both worlds.

Built To Perform

Spend less time on tedious inventory management and more time creating valuable customer


Supplier Catalog

Maintain contact information for your all of your suppliers. No more lost business cards or messy Rolodex on your desk.


Record important information of raw material including name, purchase date, open date and expiration date to decrease the unnecessary waste of raw materials.