Core Features

Table Service

Table Layout Designer

Setup floor plans with our built in designer. You can have multiple floor plans under one system, i.e. if you have a special event with a different table layout, you can switch to that floor plan or design it on the go!

Assigned Seats


Specify the number of seats for each table for better accuracy. Keep track of who ordered what by selecting the seat of the person then adding the items they want to order.

Split, Transfer, Merge


Easily split, merge, or transfer tables with the click of a button. This makes it easy to manage a large dining hall with big groups.


Quick Service 

Offline Mode

iTab POS will process orders even if the internet goes down or there is a power outage so your staff can keep the line moving. No WiFi, No Internet, No Problem.


Fast Checkout

Tired of slow payment processing? iTab POS processes payments in seconds with most popular methods supported.

Customer Display


Utilize a customer display for enhanced transparency during transactions, on-screen tips, and signatures for faster checkout.

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To Go Orders 

To Go Orders

Easily manage to-go orders with iTab POS. Input orders rapidly, capture the customer’s name or number, and process payment to keep the queue moving and boost sales.


Order Now or Later


You can set to-go orders to be started as soon as it’s received or for a later time if the customer wants to pick it up later.

Regular Customers

iTab POS makes ordering seamless for regular customers! All customer information can be saved, along with their previous orders and charge card on file.

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Bar Tabs 

Bar Tabs

Manage bar tabs with ease from any POS station and look up open or closed tabs by name, order number or the last 4 digits of the credit card.

Inventory Control

Stock deficits can wipe out pub profits. Bar Tab links the inventory you buy to the products you sell and tracks every item from purchase to sale.

Serving Sizes

Whether you sell by the bottle, pint, glass, ounce, or pitcher, iTab POS gives you the flexibility to set your serving size prices and costs entirely to your specifications.


Pizza by the Slice

Pizza By Slice

Add toppings, create a half and half pizza, put in special requests – give your customers the exact pizza they want with our Pizza By The Slice feature. Our flexible modifier system makes it easy to add and remove individual toppings without having to start over again.


Ingredient-level Inventory Tracking


Keep precise track of inventory levels and learning from real-time sales reports. Track your tomatoes, cheeses, and toppings with every order, and set low stock alerts so you know when you need to reorder.


Ordering Options


Setup mobile ordering, deliveries, or even a self-service kiosk in your restaurant and let your customers order in whichever way is most convenient for them.


Delivery - Dispatch

Delivery Dispatch


With Delivery Dispatch you can group orders based on destination and ETA, and make sure your drivers get there in time with the least amount of resources.

Google Maps Integrated

iTab POS is integrated directly with Google Maps to make deliveries simple for your drivers and save the customer’s known address for future orders.

Previous Orders

In case your customer wants to modify their order or get another copy of their receipt, re-open or re-print checks straight from the Order Management screen.


Quick Checkout

Split Checks

Be flexible for your customers and how they would like to check out when it includes several parties. Split or combine checks, transfer single or multiple items to a different check.

Digital Receipts

Our system’s receipts can sending receipts automatically and store them in the cloud indefinitely. Easily email or text the receipt at end of check out.

Signature on iPad

Never worry about losing a signature captured receipt again. With our signature pad customers will electronically sign their receipts, which will then be sent and stored directly into the cloud.


Order Management

Order Status

Keep an eye on all open and closed orders of all types. The Check Stats screen shows you all dine-in and take-out orders being prepared. Closed orders can be re-opened if any adjustments need to be made.

Previous Orders

In case your customer wants to modify their order or get another copy of their receipt, re-open or re-print checks straight from the Order Management screen.

Self-Service Kiosk

Self-service kiosks are a great addition to any fast casual dining establishments or concessions venue. 


Since no cashier is needed for handling orders and payment, your overhead and labor costs decreases.


In addition, the line length and wait times for guests are decreased drastically, improving overall customer satisfaction.

itab-pos-order-entry with self serving k

Customer Info

Customer Lookup

Our powerful database features a built-in CRM for restaurateurs to make every customer feel special and recognized. Easily look up customers by name, phone number, or ID number.

Customer Data Fields

Manage Customer name, email, unique ID number, birthday, phone number, address, tax exempt status, credit card on file, nationality, profile photo, and notes or preferences.

House Accounts

The house accounts feature works to manage your “VIP” clients or those with a special membership by retaining their credit card on file along with their personal information. Upon check-out, pull up your customers house account and securely process payment without their physical card!

Gift Cards - Loyalty Cards


Increase your sales and grow your brand awareness with built-in gift and loyalty programs.