For Retail

An easy-to-use POS System that allows you to quickly process transactions, manage purchases and view sales. Trusted by thousands of retail stores. 


Cloud based intelligence lets you monitor sales activity and run dynamic reporting – wherever you are, as it is happening.

Small Business iPad POS

Real Time Analytics

Your system automatically updates your reporting throughout your business day. Now you can -

  • Monitor your sales activities

  • Track sales, tax, inventory, voids, discounts and adjustments

  • View real time matrix and dashboards

Small Business iPad POS

Multi-Location Options

  • Manage one or several locations all from one comprehensive, cloud-based platform

  • Transfer data

  • View sales and trends

  • Keep inventory lists up to date

  • Track employee hours and edit schedules

Small Business iPad POS

Train and Manage Employees

  • Quickly train new employees with virtual training and the Features Guide right on the POS

  • Activate and Deactivate Employees

  • Assign Unique PIN Numbers for Clocking In and Out

  • Set each Employees Permissions depending on their employee level

  • Search for frequently asked questions on the FAQ Database

Small Business iPad POS

1000+ Inventory Items

  • Stock Management

  • Real Time Data

  • Wastage/Shrinkage

  • Inventory Notifications

  • View customer profiles and past items purchased for quick and easy exchanges or returns

Small Business iPad POS

Customer Database

  • Quickly Import Customer Data

  • Increase sales with target marketing, improve cross-selling and up selling

  • View customer profiles including items purchased, points or punches earned and needed to redeem rewards

  • Manage your business better with tracking valuable sales information

Small Business iPad POS

Order History and Returns

  • Pull up order history & place re-orders with the touch of a button

  • Track every sale made within your customer database

  • Look up order details in seconds

  • View customer profiles and past items purchased for quick and easy exchanges or returns

Small Business iPad POS

Engage with Customers

  • Focus on interacting and engaging with your customers not on your POS

  • Use our in-depth CRM platform to build customer knowledge

  • Let your customers know how much you value them with targeted email marketing, promotions and notifications on items they purchase frequently


Sell intelligently with iTab retail point of sale

We serve a lot of retail businesses like yours. We have learned a lot from you and about how you run your business and the tools you need to run it most efficiently. So we built iTab, the most comprehensive retail point of sale system that is also easy to use.

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