Mobile POS Solutions, Order & Pay At Table, Kiosks

Take orders and payments on the go, or place it table-top or use kiosks for your customers to manage.

Order and Pay at Table & Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

iPad Mobile POS Solution

Equip your servers with a mobile POS terminal so they can take orders and payments from wherever their feet are planted. Your servers can spend more time in the dining area versus going back and forth from the customer’s table to the POS station.


Faster Order Entry and EMV Payment Processing

Order and Pay at the Table

Orders and payments are the lengthiest interactions in any restaurant service.


With order and pay at the table, you can decrease the interaction time significantly! In addition, customers can continue ordering on the fly, increasing your overall revenues.


When they’re finished, they can pay for their meal at the table too!

iTab emv-chip-payments.png

Self-Service Kiosks Saves Labor Costs

Self Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are a great addition to any fast-casual quick service establishments or concessions venue.


Since no cashier is needed for handling orders and payment, your overhead and labor costs decrease dramatically.


In addition, the line length and wait times for guests are decreased drastically, improving overall customer satisfaction.


Integrated Solutions Specially Built for Pizzerias

Pizza By Slice

Add toppings, create a half and half pizza, put in special requests – give your customers the exact pizza they want with our Pizza By The Slice feature. Our flexible modifier system makes it easy to add and remove individual toppings without having to start over again.

Ingredient-level Inventory Tracking

Keep precise track of inventory levels and learning from real-time sales reports. Track your tomatoes, cheeses, and toppings with every order, and set low stock alerts so you know when you need to reorder.

Ordering Options

Setup mobile ordering, deliveries, or even a self-service kiosk in your restaurant and let your customers order in whichever way is most convenient for them.