Dedicated Support Specialists

Our tech team is happy to answer any of your technical support questions


Too busy to dial? Quickly search our database of commonly asked questions to find the answer your looking for!

Video Library

Not up for chatting? Kick back, pop some popcorn and watch any of our to-the point training videos for step-by-step instructions that will have you mastering our POS in no time.

Train and Manage Employees

  • Quickly train new employees with virtual training and the Features Guide right on the POS

  • Activate and Deactivate Employees

  • Assign Unique PIN Numbers for Clocking In and Out

  • Set each Employees Permissions depending on their employee level

  • Search for frequently asked questions on the FAQ Database

Training Resources

  • Easy staff training with Tutorials accessible via iPad

  • Full training video library within your Virtual Office

  • Monthly Point of Sale Training Demo Calls with our Top POS Specialists

  • Need something else, just ask. We’ve got you covered