Implementation Services

Our setup and training services are geared towards ensuring you get the most value out of your POS system and implementation goes smoothly.


A dedicated staff of project managers, software programmers, and trainers are your available resources when you sign up with iTab.

Services for setup and training include:

  • Remote Setup and Online Training

  • Menu Programming

  • Staging and Testing

  • Inventory Setup and Training

  • Onsite Training

  • Onsite Network Assessment

If our clients prefer to set up the system themselves, we can provide training videos to assist you in setting up and implementing iTab POS. Our in-depth videos will show you how a iTab point of sale system can help improve your business. And once your system arrives, watch our system configuration videos to see how to easily and quickly setup set up your system.

Free POS Training

Studies have proven that companies that place a premium on training progress significantly faster, with better results than those that do not. This same philosophy holds true with iTab POS System.

  • Easy staff training with Tutorials accessible via iPad

  • Full training video library within your Virtual Office

  • Monthly Point of Sale Training Demo Calls with our Top POS Specialists

  • Need something else, just ask. We’ve got you covered

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Easy Employee


  • Quickly train new employees with virtual training and the Features Guide right on the POS

  • Activate and Deactivate Employees

  • Assign Unique PIN Numbers for Clocking In and Out

  • Set each Employees Permissions depending on their employee level

  • Search for frequently asked questions on the FAQ Database