Flexible Menu Configuration

Product Categories

Easily manage your entire menu from one place. All of your menu items, prices, pictures, categories, and subcategories are easy to setup and modify from anywhere!

Item Availability

On the iTab platform, you can easily select the days and times certain menus or menu items are available. Restaurant owners can also select which menu items they want to make available online.

Happy Hour/Early Bird Specials

Rather than changing menu prices manually every morning or evening, iTab does it automatically. Just choose time-specific price and select hours, days, and menu price and iTab will adjust it accordingly.


Back Office Features

Powerful Modifier Groups 

Modifier Groups

Modifer groups enable you to flexibly manage all your item modifiers in sections, such as toppings, fillings, type of bun and so forth. The groups can be set to “Mandatory” to require or force a selection by the user.

Flexible Pricing

Some toppings or additions require an additional charge, so iTab POS allows upcharges on select modifiers to control costs. Tiered modifier pricing allows you to charge ONLY after a certain number of toppings, i.e. first topping is free but add $1 for every additional topping.

Prefixes & Serving Sizes

Use prefixes such as, “None,” “Extra,” or “Light,” or “On the side.” Override the standard price upon select prefixes if it adds costs to the original item, e.g. add $1 for extra cheese.

iTab POS modifers-screen.png

Easy Print Customization

Customizable Receipts

Decide what you want to display on your receipts and kitchen tickets so your staff and customers have an easy time reading them.

Custom Receipt Footer


Add your own custom footer with details such as your store information, tip suggestions, or a special message!

Set Language


If you want a specific receipt to print in a different language, iTab POS makes that possible! You can have your customer receipts print in one language and your kitchen print in another.

receipt-customization iTab POS Hawaii.pn

Tighter Fraud Prevention

Custom Alerts

Have oversight of your operations from just about anywhere with custom alerts. Be alerted on the details of any voids, discounts, or lack of sales activity.

SMS Texts or Email

Experience the convenience of receiving alerts and notifications via SMS text or email. All transaction details are contained within the text message.

Multi-location Support

Each alert will indicate which store location the event or activity has occurred in the message details, along with the employee who handled the transaction.


Impressive Inventory Control

Smarter Purchasing

iTab is one of the few restuarant POS systems with inventory control included. Monitor your food costs, turnover, and prevent product shortages and make informed purchasing decisions without having overstock.


Meet Customer Demand


Meet customer-demands and keep them coming back for your products and services. Have the right products on-hand as soon as your customers need them.


Purchasing & Vendor Management


Need to re-up on ingredients and supplies? Easily create and send purchase orders directly from our system to your vendors.

inventory-management iPad POS.png

Quickly User Permission Setup

User Roles

Manage unlimited user roles and types under iTab POS. Customize which features, functions, data, and reports are accessible to each role to your specifications.

Better Security

You may disallow certain functions to certain users or require managerial override, such as voids or discounts, to better secure your store from fraudulent activity or theft.

Back-Office Permissions

Your back-office permissions allow or restrict users to view only specific sections of the back-office features, such as inventory, reporting, and marketing.

how to setup user-roles in iPad POS.png

Improve Operation with KDS

Kitchen Display System


Keep your kitchen staff organized with an integrated kitchen display system! A KDS helps reduce order times and improve customer satisfaction.


Instant Updates


Tickets appear instantly when sent from the POS with a loud, audible ding. Any last minute changes are updated instantaneously.


Color Coding


Whole individual tickets are color-coded based on how long they’ve been open. This makes managing the kitchen far easier for the expo or head chef.

kitchen-display-system for iPad POS.png