Enterprise System Features

Franchises and Chains

Simplify your operations, lower your costs, and increase your sales with our Enterprise feature for iTab POS, perfect for franchises and multi-location chains.


Enterprise Headquarters


iTab Franchise POS gives you a real-time view of sales & inventory from all stores, every time you sign in. Utilize this business intelligence to new products or price-promotions in-store, via the cloud, in a click of a button.


Cloning Sites


If you have a proven business model, iTab POS makes it easy to replicate & grow that model. Clone & deploy new stores from anywhere. Slash infrastructure costs – there are no servers to buy or networks to maintain. All that’s needed is internet.


Multi Location Restaurant - Franchise POS System

Consolidated Enterprise Reporting

Consolidated Reporting

iTab offers you advanced consolidated reporting for multi-location chains and franchises. Easily group different stores or events and create custom reports that help you monitor and analyze your stores’ performance.


Analytics Dashboard


Our powerful analytics dashboards displays everything from net sales, tax, customers, disount, refunds, and COGS all on one screen.


Reporting Distribution


Have the ability to distribute unique reports to different end users based on their permissions. Ensure the right reports get to the right department on schedule!


Franchise Market Level Management

Country, City, Market Level Management

When it comes to Point of Sale systems, iTab POS was made for enterprise. It’s designed for large multistore operations and the cross store functionality is nothing less than impressive.


Transaction Reports


Our enterprise transaction reports generates a list of all transactions include information such as transaction amount and tender used.


Clone Stores


Deploying new locations with iTab POS is very simple. Our enterprise management suite can clone and push a store database to another with the click of a button.


Enterprise Customer Loyalty Program

Enterprise Loyalty Programs

You want a loyalty program across your entire franchise? Not a problem. Control it based on custom parameters and let your customers accumulate loyalty reward points at all your locations.


Redeem Points

Since customers are able to accumulate points at any store location, they can also redeem them at any store location. All customer data is synced between store locations.


Store Level Rewards


You can program loyalty rewards on a store-level which allows for exclusive rewards per store. This is useful in case your store doesn’t offer the exact same menu items at each location.