Aloha POS Price

CompuTant is an NCR Certified Aloha POS Partner, serving restaurants in Hawaii. 

We offer the best price for NCR Aloha Restaurant Point of Sale Software and NCR Hardware.

NCR Aloha POS Software Price

NCR Aloha POS, Point of Sale Software for Restaurants, Bars and Night Clubs

Per License Per Terminal. Aloha Back of the House Software will be provided at no cost.

Running a successful restaurant comes down to controlling costs and delivering a great experience. Using NCR Aloha can speed up service, reduce costly mistakes, and run all operations efficiently in the back-end. 

Credit Cards - Aloha EDC Payment Processing Software

Per License

Aloha EDC,  electronic draft capture adds capabilities that allow you to process credit cards, debit cards, and other EDC transactions through NCR Payment Solutions.

Adding the Credit Cards Option allows you to process credit cards with additional processors, including First Data North, First Data South, Paymentech, RBS WorldPay, TSYS (formerly Vital), and Moneris Solutions.

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NCR Restaurant POS Hardware Price
NCR integrated Restaurant Point of Sale hardware makes processing sales easy and efficient. Employees ring sales swiftly and accurately, while graphical displays, multiple payment options and lightning-fast credit card authorizations speed up customer checkout. 
Run your operations on NCR’s built-for-purpose POS hardware. Our hardware is designed to endure harsh and high transaction environments, so your business can keep running. We also offer a variety of peripherals, such as scanners, cash drawers, payment terminals and printers, to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a single terminal or multiple terminals with customer facing displays, we’ve got you covered.

NCR Aloha N3000 Back of the House File Servers

Per File Server

The N3000 is built with Intel® components, reliable solid-state drives and advanced cooling technology, giving it high performance capabilities and lifespan longevity. The N3000 will also give you the peace of mind you want and need to ensure that end-of-day operations run smoothly. The small form factor allows wall or rack mounting to enhance physical security.

The N3000 also minimizes maintenance and support costs by removing parts and heat. Use of long road map components translate into a more consistent and stable image; no need to constantly rebuild images due to component changes. Additionally, NCR image management is included with operating system updates.

NCR XR7 Restaurantl Point of Sale AIO Touch-Screen Terminal, High Performance

Per Terminal

The NCR RealPOS XR7 features a stylish all-in-one design, best-in-class performance, exceptional versatility, plus the ruggedness and data security you need for mission critical operations. NCR XR7 Resistive Touch, Intel Celeron, 120GB SSD, 4GB RAM, MSR, PR7 HSR Serial

NCR P1530 Aloha POS AIO Touch Screen Terminal

Per Terminal

TP1530 POS Includes Resistive Touchscreen 2.13GHZ Dual-Core Processor Tilt Base, 40GB SSD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Windows Embedded POS Ready7 (WEPR7)

Yuno Restaurant Point of Sale, AIO Touch Screen Terminal, Great Visuals

Per Terminal

Yuno is an accessible product whose many features (technology, ergonomics, innovation and design) make it good value for money. It constitutes a sensible, cost-effective and long-term investment for your POS IT equipment. This non-NCR point of sale station is Counterpoint compatible.

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Watch the New NCR XR7 Retail Terminal Video. Amazing!