NCR Aloha Gift Cards and
Stored Value Cards

Aloha Stored Value and Aloha Loyalty applications help restaurant marketing and operations teams promote their brands to their guests, driving profitable repeat business and convenient access to their brand whether targeting customers in the restaurant or driving traffic in the door.

Driving in-store traffic is a top priority for restaurant operators of all sizes. Having the right technology to manage your marketing programs will help you to ultimately grow revenue by attracting new customers and stimulating repeat business.


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Aloha Gift Cards Key Benefits

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  • DRIVE REVENUE AND PROFIT GROWTH: Build consistent and predictable revenue streams with stored value card sales and compelling loyalty programs. Leverage detailed customer intelligence and performance data to implement targeted marketing programs and promotions.

  • BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Stimulate repeat business by providing valuable rewards for repeat purchases. Manage stored value and loyalty programs across your entire Hawaii restaurant brand.

  • GAIN CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE: Improve knowledge of customer base by gathering detailed profile information.