Aloha Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Improved food production and more accurate ticket times with the new Aloha Kitchen video software.

Improve Food Production

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At the core of guest satisfaction is the arrival of the food order in a timely matter at the appropriate temperature. The Aloha Kitchen technology adds value by maximizing guest satisfaction, reducing labor costs, and decreases kitchen errors and wasted food.


Aloha’s kitchen production technology promotes efficiency for table service and quick service kitchen environments, allowing your kitchen staff to focus on preparing the best food products for your guests.

Your staff will benefit from using bright touch screen graphic displays (as an option), flexible reporting capabilities and effective quote time calculators to provide better estimates of food prep time. Components of this process include better item organization and controlled timing functionality.


Aloha Kitchen is designed to fully integrate with other Aloha Enterprise applications, including Aloha TakeOut, Aloha Guest Manager and Aloha Configuration Center, which manages full configuration needs and running reports.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Easily configured to fit your specific needs, the inclusion of kitchen specific software within your business allows you to:

  • Improve the speed of food service by controlling and being aware of check times while they are on the line.

  • Increase your customers’ satisfaction by providing accurate orders based on their requests.

  • Streamline kitchen performance and increase productivity based on gathered data.

  • Configure all of the settings based on your kitchen’s needs including screen design, key metrics and sorting options.

  • Ensure your dishes are made the same way, every time with the ability to add recipes, images or videos for each item.


More than 100,000 restaurants rely on NCR Aloha POS solutions every day. The result - smoother operations, easier on-the-go management and happier customers. 

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