Add Online Ordering to Increase Customer Traffic and Restaurant Sales

Your customers are busy people, just like you. NCR's mobile and online ordering web solution makes it simple to get the food they love without the wait.


Wouldn't you like to offer those customers the option to have their own personal POS in their pocket, so they can easily place their order anywhere, at anytime?



  • Increase your footprint and expand beyond the four walls of your restaurant

  • Enable your customers to place orders directly from any mobile device or computer

  • Connect their order to their loyalty account and saved payment methods

Restaurant Online Ordering System,NCR Aloha POS,web ordering system for restaurant

Aloha POS Online Ordering Key Features

Restaurant Online Ordering System Hawaii
  • An online ordering application that is delivered as software as a service

  • Offers customers a convenient, easy way to order food and beverages

  • Provides real-time integration with POS systems, streamlining order entry and completion

  • Shows true pricing for orders, including sales tax

  •  Delivers a single stream of orders, enhancing kitchen efficiency and timely order completion

  • Protects online customer profile data, including payment information, with leading-edge security

  •  Can be installed remotely, providing restaurants with a plug-and-play solution

Online Ordering Helps You Grow So Many Ways!

NCR Aloha Online Ordering makes it easy and convenient for your customers to do business with you. Use this hosted online application to provide customers with instant access to menus and pricing, transmit orders electronically to stores and drive revenues.

Extending your business

With NCR Aloha Online Ordering, you’re no longer limited to conventional business hours. Customers can place orders anytime, anywhere, strengthening their connection with your restaurant.


Gaining customer intelligence

Customers gladly input detailed personal data into the online ordering solution, providing you with powerful intelligence you can use to optimize marketing and operational decisions.


Driving customer traffic

Customers can interact with your restaurant in a non-traditional way. Online ordering allows customers to order the food they want, when they want it, and enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes or on the go.


Placing accurate orders

Since NCR Aloha Online Ordering integrates directly with your store’s POS system, customer transactions are fast and accurate. Customers see exact costs, including taxes, when they check out.


Decreasing labor and data errors

Moving ordering from faxes to the online application reduces staff labor and data input errors. Customers enter web orders, including payment data, which are instantly distributed to the store’s POS system.

Maintaining operational visibility

Using a single, integrated system increases kitchen efficiency and order accuracy. Managers can monitor in-store and web orders simultaneously, to deliver a superior customer experience that extends beyond the restaurant’s four walls.


Real-time communication of orders

The web ordering and the POS system at the store tracks orders continuously. This guarantees that orders are actually received by your stores. Provide guests with the exact amount totals.


Security and convenience

Customers can enter their payment information as part of the web order and store it for later use, speeding up the transaction and making it more convenient for their next web order. 

Installing the functionality remotely

Aloha Online Ordering can be rolled out to individual or multiple locations 100% remotely. No site visits are needed with no need to interrupt your daily operations.​