Best Inventory Management Software

If sales are the lifeblood of your business, your inventory is its backbone.

Easily Manage Your Inventory, Whether You Have 
a Few Items, or Thousands.

If sales are the lifeblood of your business, your inventory is its backbone.


You need to be able to manage your inventory effectively in order to maintain optimum inventory levels, control your costs, minimize stock-outs, and maximize your profitability.


Counterpoint lets you get a handle on your inventory, with comprehensive inventory management features and reports that are designed to help you:


  • Track inventory quantities and transactions

  • Track three dimensional grids for apparell items

  • Manage serialized inventory for electronics and appliances

  • Allocate inventory across locations

  • Price items appropriately

  • Bundle items effectively

  • Encourage upselling and add-ons

  • Determine which items are “hot” or “cold”

  • Increase your return on investment (ROI)

  • Analyze seasonal trends

  • Improve turn rates

  • Design and print beautiful barcode labels, price tags for jewelry,apparrel and more.

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Maximize your profits with powerful Counterpoint inventory management software. Make your products work for you. Improve efficiency, gain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest jobs.

Control Your Price Rules and Your Margin Effortlessly

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Managing and pricing your inventory correctly makes for a more efficient and profitable company.


Assign up to six prices for each item. Price by store or by color/size with location-specific and SKU-specific pricing.


Custom price rules let you set up complex promotional, contract, and special price scenarios, as well as mix-and-match pricing, BOGO, and quantity at a price deals. 


Margin-driven pricing lets you control your selling prices dynamically to meet your profit goals.

Bundle Products to Increase Daily Sales

Group, sell, and track related items in bundles with kit functionality. You can track items in a specific bundle, in loose combinations, or as finished goods with NCR Counterpoint’s inventory tracking system.


Create tag-along kits, which allow you to assign “tag-along” items, like delivery or service fees, to any inventory item. Or use bills of material to define, assemble, and sell manufactured goods from their component parts.

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Transfer Merchandise Between Stores and Warehouses Accurately

Best Inventory Management Softwre-Counte

With our inventory management system, transfer inventory easily between stocking locations. Receive inventory at a central location, and then transfer the right quantities to your other locations.


The Transfer Advice report suggests items and quantities to transfer based on maximum stocking levels or replenishment calculations, making it easy to figure out the best way to distribute your merchandise.


If you have a large warehouse with tens of thousand of products solf by multiple stores you have the option to add handheld data collectors to transfer by scanning a barcode, entering an item number or searching by description.

Automate Your Hardest Job!

Inventory Physical Count

Processing inventory physical count with NCR Counterpoint system is as easy and as 1,2,3 - freeze, count and update. Adjustments are automatically created by the inventory system. Count your items and track variances with complete item history reports. 


Freeze specific items, categories, or locations and count part of your inventory while operations continue in other areas.


Enter counts manually or import them from handheld data collectors, scanners, including iOS devices running NCR Counterpoint Mobile. 


Automatically adjust items for which the count varies from the frozen quantity.

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Gain Visibility With Merchandise Analysis Reports

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NCR Counterpoint includes more than 40 reports that provide current and historical information about your inventory, helping you make pricing, merchandising, and purchasing decisions, increase your turn rate, and maximize your gross margin return on investment (GMROI).


A few of the most popular inventory management reports -


  • Stock status report

  • Price list

  • Inventory valuation report

  • Merchandise Analysis report

  • Inventory History Report

  • Purchase Advice Report

  • Transfer Advice Report

  • Product Hot and Cold Analysis Report

  • Physical Count Worksheet  

  • Sales Analysis by Store, Sales Reps, Regions etc.



Bar Code Labels, Tags and Jewelry Labels Increases Efficiency and Accuracy

Barcoding your products will speed up sales process during check out and will scan product price accurately. 


You can assign each item an unlimited number of barcodes, including in-house barcodes, manufacturer or vendor barcodes, customer-specific barcodes, or any other type of barcode you might need. Barcodes can be entered manually or generated automatically by NCR Counterpoint, based on the prefix and number sequence you specify.


Barcodes are unit-specific, meaning that each barcode is associated with one of the defined units for an item, either the stocking unit (e.g., EACH) of one of up to five alternate units (e.g., BOX, CASE, and so forth). You can also create a cell-specific barcode for each unique color/size combination that is defined for a gridded item.

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Counterpoint includes a variety of pre-defined label formats—including one-up, two-up (split), butterfly, and hangtag labels—that are compatible with popular label printers from Cognitive Solutions, Eltron, and Datamax. Counterpoint also supports standard Avery labels for use with any inkjet or laser printer.


Maximize Profits by Taking Control of Your Inventory. Check Out the Feature List. 

Maintain optimum inventory levels, control your costs, minimize stockouts, and maximize your profitability.


  • Counterpoint leads you through the process of creating an item record, prompting you to define prices, assign barcodes, specify the primary and any alternate vendors, create inventory records, establish min/max quantities at all of your stocking locations, and so forth.


  • Counterpoint tracks quantities and transactions for inventory items across multiple stocking locations, allowing you to easily manage and allocate your inventory across your entire organization. Locations can be reported individually or in location groups (e.g., “Southeast Region” or “California”), which can include an unlimited number of locations.


  • When you create an item record, you must specify the item’s stocking unit, which is the unit that you typically sell. But you can also define up to five alternate units for each item, allowing you to sell items by the dozen, case, box, six-pack, and so forth.


  • A “gridded” item is a single inventory item that is available in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, widths, lengths, fabrics, or any combination of up to three characteristics, or dimensions. Clothing, shoes, and most other types of apparel are gridded items. When you define a new gridded item, you must also define its grid dimensions (e.g., color/size), along with the possible values for each dimension (e.g., Blue, Red, Green, and so forth). Each unique combination of grid dimensions (e.g., Red/XL) is called a cell.


  • The Serial Numbers Option adds comprehensive serial-number tracking to NCR Counterpoint, allowing merchants who sell big-ticket items, maintain product warranties, or deal in regulated commodities to keep a detailed history of activity for each serialized item.



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