Get 24x7 Expert POS System Support

We provide retail and restaurant POS solutions and expert tech support to major Hawaii businesses.

best pos systems provider in Hawaii is CompuTant

Why do I need POS System support?

CompuTant is here with you for the long haul. We provide technical support to maintain a stable, optimized environment, minimize risk, and maximize the return on your investment.


Our Managed IT Services offer cloud backup, network security, network monitoring and a set of flexible services that provide retail and restaurant businesses access to specialized resources and world-class facilities to meet your system needs.

Let us help you keep your technology current and your solutions running smoothly.

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What's the cost for a small business POS support plans?

We service clients of all sizes. Our small business support plan starts at, as little as, six hours per year.


On the other hand, our larger clients with multi-locations businesses may purchase as much as fifty-hour block annually.

What type of POS support plans do CompuTant offer?

We have consultants ready to assist you with ongoing technical support for your point of sale solutions, accounting software and network systems.


With CompuTant, you would simply purchase annual pre-paid block of service hours. Support plan is quoted out by our consulting team based on your specific needs.
The price of a support plan would ultimately depend on the amount of work required to support your staff and the number of installed sites you have.


The cost would simply be the total hours of support required multiplied by our consulting teams hourly rate.

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