QSR Online - Powerful Labor Scheduling, Inventory & Food Cost Management, Accounting & Payroll Automation

A modern app for Aloha POS designed to make managing employees and inventory simple yet flexible.

Labor Scheduling


Save Time, Money, and Increase Efficiency

Build your employee schedules online and allow them to view their schedules on a mobile app.

Employees can request time off, trade or post shifts, send and receive messages, and receive schedules via SMS text message!

Managers can view daily rosters, approve shift trades or off requests, send broadcast messages, and receive alerts on overtime.

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Easy Labor Analysis

Since QSROnline integrates with your POS system, pulling job codes, pay rates and daily sales to ticket-level detail, your labor $ and % will always be accurate when creating your schedules.

Inventory Management

Track Inventory Effectively - Actualize Food Costing - No Paper or Pen Required

QSROnline enables Aloha POS with inventory management capabilities with a modern user interface, supported by a user-friendly mobile application or web interface from any browser.

Quickly identify items with the highest variance, which helps you understand how much you should have used versus what was actually used down to the penny. Accurately track wasted and transferred products too.

Vendor invoices populate the inventory system automatically through EDI. 


Benefits of QSR Online

Cut down your counting time and labor scheduling up to 75% on average!

Save and make money by identifying problem areas to lower your food cost and boost your overall profit margin.

Monitor and receive alerts on low inventory or pricing changes from vendors. 

User-friendly interface makes navigating our application and it's usage less time-consuming.

Accounting & Payroll Automation

Vendor Payment and Payroll Automation

Save even more time by automating payroll and taking care of A/P account through one intelligent system. Integrates with Quickbooks and SAGE accounting software, and is compatible with most others. 

Calculate and generate payroll checks through QSR online. Since the system manages your labor scheduling, the data is utilized to generate your payroll automatically.

Your accountants will thank you with vendor charges and billing taken care of efficiently. Vendor invoices can be settled in a matter of minutes. Eliminate manual data entry!

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