Access Cloud Based Analytics and Reports from Anywhere!

Dashboard & Analytics

The Analytics & Reporting dashboard is perfect for getting a snapshot of your performance for any given date or date range. Review sales, orders, customers, voids, etc. so you’re always in the loop.


Customizable Reports


iTab POS is comprised of over 20 built-in reports to give you a detailed overview of your businesses performance.


Simple Export

Export any of your reports to .CSV (Excel) for further analyzation or import into other applications.


Reports and Dashboards

Easy to Understand Sales Reports

Sales Reporting

Generate easy to understand, detailed sales reports with your best and worst selling items, peak hours and the profitability details of your menu. Learn your strengths and eliminate your weak points.


Sales by Category


Determine which product categories are performing best. Since you can customize your product categories, the report can be customized to your parameters.


Transaction Reports


Generate a transaction report to see how much revenue was earned via different types of tender, i.e. cash, Visa, Mastercard, gift cards, etc.


Keep Costs Down

With Easy to Read Inventory Reports

Inventory Control

Keep costs down by comparing the cost of inventory from last week’s inventory or even the previous month’s inventory. Our reports help to actualize and decrease your food cost.


Decrease On-hand Inventory


The most fundamental benefits of inventory tracking is that it reduces the amount of inventory that companies have to keep on hand. By decreasing held inventory, companies can save massive amounts of cost and effort.


Purchasing & Receiving


Get notified when items run low on stock and need to be re-stocked. Know when items will be received and details about outstanding payments.


Track Labor Costs with Payroll Reports 

Track Labor Costs

Track employee hours for the day or week along with their salary to calculate your labor costs and process payroll.


Export to CSV

Mitigate manual work and export payroll reports to Excel or .CSV to your accounting or HR department.


Sufficient Staffing

With payroll reporting, you can analyze the report to see if you are sufficiently staffing, overstaffing, or even understaffing your restaurant.

payroll-reporting-ipad pos.png

Food Cost Analysis Made Easy

Monitor Costs

Created properly, a food cost analysis can act as an ongoing tool to monitor your business costs so you can charge your guest appropriately to ensure you hit your profit margins.


Recipe Control


Break down your dishes into recipes, calculate the cost per dish, and determine exactly what to charge for those dishes for a healthy margin.

Food Cost Budgeting

Now that the food cost analysis is complete for all recipes and dishes, you can figure out your average food costs, disposable costs, beverage costs, or whatever you feel is most appropriate for your concept and budget forecasts.