Prevent Theft with Aloha Pulse Real Time Alerts!

NCR Pulse Realtime provides 24/7 clear visibility into your business as it happens, anywhere. With the information automatically collected from your POS system, you have instant access to performance and metrics such as net sales by hour, employee working hours, overtime, inventory levels, comps, voids and more.

Business Intelligence in Real Time

Get a clear, accurate and real-time view of your business performance from your mobile device.

With our Pulse app, store managers and executives can access check detail, comps, voids, performance metrics, social media feeds and much more. Stop internal theft in its tracks.

You will achieve peace of mind, freedom and flexibility with the data automatically being collected from your POS system in an easy to digest format.

With NCR Real-Time, you can:


  • Receive up-to-the-minute performance metrics so you know exactly where your business currently stands.

  • Get immediately notified when issues require your attention.

  • Gain access to applets that also enable you to monitor employee theft, customer feedback and request NCR support directly from within the app.

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Pulse Gives You Detailed Reports on Your Smart Phone. See Your Sales and Employee Data.