Aloha POS Platform

Serve up the strength of the industry standard

More restaurants use and train their staff on Aloha POS. Front of the house, back of the house and off-premise, it connects all your operations in a single, intuitive platform that keeps your business fast, efficient and responsive so you can adapt to your customers’ preferences and serve the best experience. 

More Ways to Order     Secure Payment     Real Time Information     Customer Experiences

Centralized Management     Innovative Design     Digital Signage     Quality Hardware

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What is NCR Aloha POS? 

Aloha POS is the platform of sale used by 80,000+ large and small restaurants around the world. Built by people who know restaurant operations, it offers fast order entry, speedy payments, streamlined food prep and delivery, and even faster training time.


Loved industry wide, it’s ideal for everything from quick service and fast casual to fine dining table service restaurants. In Hawaii, CompuTant provides consulting and technical expertise to help you unlock the full value of your solution portfolio.


Our consultants are professional innovative experts trusted by our customers to deliver technical, business, design consulting services and data analytics to ensure customers realize the full vision and value of their POS solutions.

Aloha POS is Always On POS System for Re

Get the 'Always On' POS 


Your POS will be “always on” thanks to NCR Aloha’s cloud-based, on-premise software with mobile capabilities. 

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Easily Add Functionality


Use our API ecosystem to integrate other NCR and third party solutions with Aloha POS. 

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Payments Made Easy


Process payments securely, take mobile and self-service kiosk payments and stay in compliance.

Aloha POS Reduce Training Time.jpg

Reduce Training Time


More servers and cashiers have been trained on the NCR Aloha POS than any other POS solution in the industry.

Aloha POS Go Mobile.jpg

Go Mobile


Serve your customers anytime, anywhere with the Aloha Mobile POS.

Aloha POS Support You Need.jpg

The Support You Need


Your end-to-end restaurant POS solution also comes with end-to-end support with a single point of contact.

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Engage Your Customers


Keep your customer experience going with loyalty programs, customer feedback and more.

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Hardware Made For You


Choose from NCR's wide selection of built-for-purpose devices so you can serve up exactly what your customers need. 

Give Your Customers More Ways to Order

Keep up with the way your customers want to interact with your brand. From table-side to order-ahead to mobile and self-ordering kiosks, the NCR Aloha platform can be used across multiple devices.  


You'll reduce wait times, improve order accuracy and keep your kitchen running smoothly while keeping your customers happy.

Process Payments Securely and Seamlessly

Customer experience is everything, even right up to settling the check! With Aloha POS, you can process customer transactions quickly and securely, complying with payment security measures such as PCI and EMV.


You can also enable your customers to pay via mobile or self-service kiosk, delivering the quick, intuitive experience your customers appreciate. 

How it works -  Tableside EMV Solutions.

Change Your Menu Item Once, Change it Everywhere

Aloha POS centrally manages your menu, promotions and price changes. In this complete solution, any items you add, edit or 86 from your menu get changed everywhere at once, saving you time and hassle while keeping things accurate.


Aloha POS Menu Management by CompuTant H

Grab Attention With High Impact Digital Signage

Get more eyes on your menu, specials, promotions or anything else you want to promote. Our digital menu boards and signage options integrate with your Aloha POS and scheduling software to make it easy to make accurate updates and engage your customers further. 


Aloha POS digital signate management by

Keep Your Customer Experience Going With Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards

NCR Aloha consumer engagement solution helps you seamlessly connect with your guests in a wide variety of ways.


Sometimes your customers want to sit down and socialize; other times, they want to order ahead to get in and get out. But one thing is true at all times—they want to be appreciated. We make it easy to reward your customers with customizable loyalty programs that offer your guests real-time promotions, rewards and reloadable gift cards, while helping you collect valuable data that enables you to turn customers into fans.

Aloha Customer Engagement Solutions: Mobile and Online Ordering, Mobile Payment, Loyalty and Gift Cards

Customer Feedback.

Aloha POS Loyalty and Gift Card program

Get Business Intelligence Reports That Help Transform Your Restaurant 

Aloha restaurant POS solutions offer powerful reporting and data analysis in easy-to-read formats.


Drill down into any area you want, and track operational, sales and employee data. You can also predict demand by comparing previous weeks, months or years—making it easy to adapt and respond to trends and customer demand.


Aloha POS Business Intelligence on iPhon

Run More Profitable Business With Real Time App

Pulse Real-Time embraces the idea of delivering actionable information in real time to a user’s smartphone.


Restaurant operators experience the nirvana of knowing exactly what is going on in the business, regardless of where they are. By turning data collected from the POS system into actionable information, operators can immediately make decisions that directly impact the bottom line.


Now, from any location, operators can make timely business decisions that directly improve profits. Learn how Pulse Real Time revolutionized the industry! Watch the video.

Get Hardware That Can Handle Restaurant Life 

NCR’s POS hardware solutions give you innovative, integrated technology that can stand up to the harsh reality of restaurant operations. From our POS terminals to kitchen display system, servers and peripherals, we’ve got you covered from front of the house to back of the house, including dedicated maintenance support and exchange warranty.


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“We wouldn’t use any technology other than NCR’s. We rationalize the investment based on the time saved alone. Providing a quick, efficient and customized experience for each of our guests is worth everything in this business.”


Migrate to Aloha POS. It's Easy!

POS problems got you down? According to our customers, NCR Aloha Point of Sale System is easy to learn and it is one of the most reliable restaurant management solutions in the market today.

More than 80,000 restaurants rely on NCR Aloha POS solutions every day.


The result: smoother operations, easier on-the-go management and happier customers. Serious about POS automation?

Aloha POS Restaurant Products

Core Restaurant POS Solution

• Aloha POS
• Point of Sale Hardware
• Point of Sale System
• Guest and Table Management

• Handheld Devices
• System Management
• Mobile POS
• NCR Sticky Media
• EMV Payment Processing
• Restaurant POS Terminals
• Secure Payments
• Kitchen Display System
• Takeout & Delivery

Restaurant Management & Data Analytics Products

Data and Analytics


  • Business Intelligence

  • Data & Analytics

  • Mobile Analytics


Restaurant Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Labor Management

  • Loss Prevention

  • Network & Security Services

  • Restaurant Management

Consumer Engagement

  • Consumer Engagement

  • Customer Feedback

  • Digital Signage

  • Drive Thru Solutions

  • Loyalty and Gift Cards

  • Mobile and Online Ordering

  • Self Ordering Kiosk