Aloha Guest Manager and Reservation System

NCR Guest Manager is a highly configurable restaurant  reservation software solution that is perfect for high volume table service restaurants that require robust guest management system.

Provide a Memorable Experience

Providing a memorable guest experience will set you apart from your competition and keep your customers coming back.


The new innovative Aloha Guest Manager solution intelligently tracks table status, reduces the time tables that are left unseated, maximizes seating efficiency and captures key guest information to help you provide personalized service.

"As one of the first restaurants to implement aloha guest manager, we were excited to see many operational benefits such as the ability to provide guests with more accurate wait-time quotes while increasing staff productivity."

                - Bill Kent VP of Information Technology,

                  Texas Roadhouse, Inc

NCR Aloha Guest Manager solution allows you to improve your guest experience by seating your guests quickly and efficiently and quote accurate wait times. It offers reservation management, waitlist management, table management and guest tracking that is synchronized in one tightly integrated solution with the Aloha Point-of-Sale

  • Enhance Guest Experience

  • Enable Operational Analysis

  • Increase Seat Utilization & Seat More Guests

  • Increase Host Productivity

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NCR Guest Manager is a highly configurable software solution that is perfect for high volume table service restaurants that require robust guest management. With the capability for pagers and text paging, and detailed reports and analytics, NCR Guest Manager can dramatically improve your host productivity and efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Improved seat utilization to match parties to the appropriate table size, increasing seating efficiency and reducing the number of empty seats.

  • Quick identification of repeat visitors and VIPs by leveraging a customer database that tracks preferences and visit history.

  • Real-time visibility into analytics on server performance, table turns and customer behavior.

  • Easy management of walk-in, call-ahead and online reservation guests through color coding categorization and integration with your back office.

Advanced Guest Management Features

Restaurant Reservation System Hawaii
Aloha Reservations and Guest Manager Software

Aloha restaurant POS guest manager software helps you track table status, boost seating efficiency and capture key guest information to provide a charming, personalized service. Your guests will love it.

One of the best ways to set your restaurant apart from the competition is with a great customer experience – and our Aloha Guest Manager software (integrated closely with our point of sale solution) helps you create this.

Aloha Restaurant EPOS Guest Manager Software helps you:

  • Boost seating efficiency – Get them sitting comfortably. Our software means you can match party size to table size; use real-time updates to reduce the number of times tables are empty; and cut customer walk-outs by accurately telling them how long they’ll need to wait.

  • See it in real time – Our system has an easy-to-use floor-plan display that you can customize, and gives you up-to-date statistics on waiting and seated parties.

  • Analyze operations – Gain valuable insight. Pinpoint your problem areas in the seating cycle and make sure you spot repeat and VIP guests for personalized service.