Restaurant Waitlist and Reservation System

A Better Way to Manage Your Guest Seating and Reservation Process

Increase Occupancy and Sales

Increase restaurant reservations, manage reservations more efficiently, boost your profits and save time. ​

Keeping track of your restaurant’s waitlist and reservations should not be difficult.

iTab Restaurant Waitlist and Reservation system makes it easy to manage bookings and waitlists with a fully integrated end-to-end cloud-based POS software solution.

  • Save time managing reservation

  • Maximize restaurant capacity

  • Decrease no-show dramatically

  • Improve guest service

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Provide More Accurate Time

Restaurant reservation system customer t

Notify Your Customers Via Text Message

Send "Your table is ready” text alerts to customers; keep wait to a minimum, and your tables occupied with maximum efficiency.

Improve client information with customized notes and tags, create your own loyalty system and target marketing to increase repeat visits.

Analyze Your Wait Time - Maximize Capacity

Enter Orders Quickly

A robust Waitlist Dashboard helps you stay on top of the key metrics by day, week, and month.


Average wait times, longest wait, or counts for no-shows, cancels, and total waiting.


Identify first time vs repeat reservations, special occasions, or reserved vs occupied seats.

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Make Informed Business Decision

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud iPad Back Office system gives you access to the right data, smart dashboards and reports you need to make an educated decision, every time — from customers to staff to inventory.


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