What Makes Mobile POS or iPad POS System a Good Choice for Your Restaurant Business?

iPad Restaurant POS System by CompuTant Hawaii

Earlier, we pointed out one benefit of using a mobile POS or iPad POS system for your business which was the ability to perform remote monitoring to minimize shrinkage and eliminate theft, improving the tracking and management of inventory.

Equip your servers with a mobile POS terminal so they can take orders and payments from wherever their feet are planted. Your servers can spend more time in the dining area versus going back and forth from the customer’s table to the POS station.

This is just one of the many benefits of using a mobile POS or iPad POS system for your restaurant business. So, what are other advantages of a mobile or iPad-based POS system? let’s find out.


An iPad-based POS system like iTab Cloud POS makes it faster to take orders. Moreover, you can make all the necessary changes and corrections with only a few clicks. And, if the POS system comes with management and analysis capabilities, then you can save time because of real-time data sharing between the POS and the management platform.


The biggest advantage of having a mobile iPad POS system like iTab for your restaurant business is mobility. With iTab POS system, you can allow your staff to accept mobile orders from guests and take orders from anywhere to speed up service times and provide them access to mobile reporting on smartphones or tablets.

Improved Customer Service

With the data collected by the restaurant POS system, you can estimate and predict demand at all times. Additionally, iTab restaurant POS system allows you to better manage your customer relationships and provide an enhanced experience to customers by giving you the ability to maintain and update client information in your CRM.

Ability to Update Menus Quickly and Easily

Often, restaurants need a quick and easy way to change their menus based on the trends in a season. With iTab cloud-based mobile POS or our iPad POS system, this is incredibly simple. Using this POS system, your restaurant management can access menus from the web.

Whether they are at home, on the road, visiting suppliers, or even attending overseas events, you staff can change menu information at any time and from anywhere provided they have an internet connection and the right login credentials/user permissions.

Ability to Access Your Insights from Any Smart Device

With traditional legacy POS systems, you have print out a lengthy report at the beginning or end of a shift to get the required insights into your restaurant business. iTab cloud-based mobile POS or our iPad POS system, on the other hand, allows you access your insights from any smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

With this ability, mere clicks of a touchscreen are all that is needed for you to get updated sales, inventory, customer feedback, and more in real-time. With this real-time data, you can find solutions to situations in as they appear and before it spirals into a bigger problem. Imagine all the time and money you can save by catching issues before they start to blow out of proportion.

Lower Upfront Costs

With a iTab cloud-based mobile POS or iPad POS system, you can drastically lower the upfront costs associated with traditional or non-mobile POS systems. With traditional POS, you need to buy expensive computers, workstations, and/or servers. An iPad or mobile POS system, on the other hand, requires only printers, a payment hardware, and a WiFi router hidden somewhere in the back of your restaurant.


A our iTab cloud-based mobile POS and iPad POS system will provide backup in case anything goes haywire with your internet access. How does the mobile POS or iPad POS system provide backup? With fallback or offline solutions that allow you to keep running even when your internet connection is out.

With the above iTab POS features of a restaurant POS system, you are well on you way to turning your restaurant business into a profitable, money-making machine. Get in touch with CompuTant Hawaii today for more information or to schedule a demo.

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