What to Consider Before Upgrading to an Aloha POS System

Technology is amazing. It’s meant to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of what we do. That being said, the wrong technology can do the exact opposite.

If you purchase tech that isn’t effective, you’re essentially throwing away time and money. In a restaurant, your POS system is the most important piece of technology. If it’s difficult to use, slow to respond, and prone to error, you may be better off going back to manual methods. The best thing to do is to upgrade to an Aloha POS system.

Wondering which POS system is the right one for you? Here are five questions you should be asking yourself:

Does it meet my needs?

Any POS system that you’re thinking of purchasing for your business should meet your needs. The point of any piece of technology is to streamline operations and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

With an incredible POS system like Aloha, you can make the order and payment processes faster and easier than ever. Your employees can communicate with ease and information will be readily available. If this is what you need, the Aloha POS system may be perfect!

Does it support a variety of payment methods?

Not every customer is going to pay with cash. Some want the option to pay with their credit or debit cards. In this day and age when a variety of payment methods are used, it’s important for you to choose a POS system that can support them. An Aloha POS system will enable you to give your customers the choice between cash, credit, and debit. You can even integrate EMV payments!

Does it integrate multiple terminals?

Many restaurants and bars find that a single terminal isn’t enough. Orders and payments are always being taken and sometimes having a single terminal slows everything down.

An Aloha POS system can integrate multiple terminals so that your staff can process multiple things at the same time. Even the cash registry can be configured to have two drawers so payments can be processed without a delay.

Does it offer detailed reports?

Information is power. Detailed reports of your stock levels, profit margins, labor expenses, and more can help you make strategic decisions backed by data.

This information allows you to assess the health of your business and spot places that need improvement. A great POS system like Aloha can offer you the power of information. Is it difficult to maintain?

When deciding whether or not to invest in anything, it’s important for you to consider the costs of maintenance. Maintenance of a POS system involves keeping the terminals clean.

Many restaurants also look for systems that offer support service around the clock in case anything goes wrong. It’s also important for you to think of security and protective measures for your system so nobody unauthorized can access or steal it. Wrapping up

Aloha POS systems are incredible pieces of technology that can help you make your restaurant or bar run more quickly and efficiently than ever.

They are also long-lasting and will serve you well for years! If you need more information before you make the decision, let us help! Contact us today!

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