The Secrets to Surefire Sales Growth In 2019 Revealed

POS System Training by CompuTant Hawaii

1. To change your sales culture you must change mindset, focus, habits and actions – both YOURS and THEIRS. 2. Product training is NOT the same thing as sales training. One is about WHAT you sell, the other about HOW you sell. Your employees need both. 3. Helping each customer get to a Perfect Purchase is your #1 goal. Getting to the Perfect Purchase is not haphazard, intermittent, or mysterious - it’s a system. 4. You can use Google Forms or Survey Monkey to send quick sales coaching exercises to your team. Example: “Change these yes-no questions into open-ended questions by using the “6 Powerful Words” for exploring customer needs.” Their responses get automatically emailed right to you. 5. Use a picture prompt at the cash register to remind your staff to look your customers in the eye and say “thank you” at the end of a sale. 6. Pick one of your best-selling items. Have your team brainstorm a list of as many features as possible and all the benefits associated with each feature. Do this until everyone knows. 7. Create a sales scenario and then have your team members role-play closing the sale with both a “choice” question and an “assumptive” question. Let everyone take a turn being the customer and the salesperson. 8. “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” ~ Peter Drucker. Track your sales volume per hour, items per sale, average sale, total sales, and conversion percentage. 9. The two key statistics for measuring Step #1 - The Greeting are 1) conversion percentage and 2) sales volume per hour. 10. You need all three: consistent ongoing training, accurate accountability, and motivating rewards. Without great training, accountability and rewards are a waste. Without rewards, accountability is a punishment. Without accountability, rewards become an entitlement.

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