Why choose iTab POS over Toast, Lavu, Clover, or Square?

In a sea of available options for iPad POS systems for restaurants, it can be challenging decision to settle on one. Based on our client feedback from those who switched to iTab POS, here's what they love about partnering with us:

1) No long term contracts - many iPad POS systems have a predatory practice of locking you into long term contracts. In the event you want to leave, there are substantial exit fees and you might have to pay out the remainder of your contract!

2) We're not a payment processor - Merchant service providers aim to maximize profits through locking you into high processing or variable credit card processing fee. This equates to tens of thousands of dollars out of your profit margin. We're processor agnostic and let you pick the right one for you.

3) Local support - A huge benefit to our clients in Hawaii is local support. Our technicians can provide on-site installation and maintenance. It's important for you to note that the person on the other side of the phone can't work on network, hardware, printing, or internet problems. They can possibly help with software-issues, but it stops there! With local support, you're in good hands for support in all of these areas. Clients lament in having to fix and troubleshoot their own POS issues, where their focus should be on running and growing the business.

4) Competitive pricing - Our software and hardware pricing is competitive. Our proposal includes system setup cost and onsite installation service and live training, most competitors usually do not offer those. If you feel you can set up the system without local services, we can certainly discuss that option.

5) iTab POS - it takes your business to next level with dynamic features to increase productivity and profits. Handle all swipes, transfers, tabs, tips and splits, with an EMV-compliant terminal and PCI-certified software at no extra cost.

With that said, we have full confidence we can provide you the level of support and expertise to help your business grow.

With 30+ years in restaurant management system implementation, we have the solutions that empower you to run the business of your dreams. We're the partner to lean on for advice and guidance anytime you need it.

Contact us today at 808-521-2226 or visit our contact us page to learn more about iTab POS.

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